Melbourne Irish Festival Committee 2018


This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  If you have any questions for us please click here.

How much does entry cost? 

It’s free!  Our festival is non-for-profit, organised by a committee of volunteers and made possible by City of Yarra Council, sponsors donations and fundraising activities (Raffle tickets).  

Please buy a raffle ticket or two, or three to help fund the festival.

Is there anything that I should bring?

Cash.  We don't have an ATM on site at the festival but there are ATM's in the vicinity. Click here to view a map of the nearest ATM's.


Anything else I should bring
A picnic, fold out chairs & picnic blanket whatever else you think you may need on the day.

How should I dress? 

The festival is an outdoor event so please dress and prepare appropriately.  Look up the weather forecast before you go.

Where and when does the event take place?  

Sunday 17th of March 2019, 12pm – 5pm at Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy Click here for more details.


Whats the best way to get to the festival?

That will depend on your own circumstance. Check out the 'Getting there' page for more detailed information.

What kind of events will be happening at the festival?

There will be lots and lots of performances and events; music, dancing, street performers, kids games and activities something for everyone. 


Who is the festival for? 

Everyone's welcome.  The festival is a family fun day celebrating Irish culture and heritage but you don’t have to be Irish to attend or enjoy the festival.  


Is there any food served at the festival?

Yes.  There are numerous food vendors serving a variety of foods.  


Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can.  Why not bring a picnic? Make sure to tidy up after.

Is there any water provided?

Yes there will be a water station.  So stay hydrated and please bring a reusable bottle.

Is there alcohol served at the festival?

There are no alcohol vendors at the festival.  

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Just make sure it's under your control.  Remember there are a lot of people and kids at the festival.


How do I get to the festival?

The festival is held at Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy and you can reach it by train, tram or car. Click here for more details


Is there parking near the festival?

Yes. But it does fill up.  Please give yourself plenty of time to find a spot and get to the festival.



We ask that you please use the bins provided and clean up after yourself.  Litter has not been a problem in the past thanks to the good nature and community spirit of those who attended.  

We would like to thank you in advance for keeping the festival clean. 

Please be respectful of others so we can all have a good time.


If you have a question about the festival please click here.